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About Us



  • To develop in pupils the appreciation and the application of audio, visual media, photography, and visual arts creatively.
  • To build character, team spirit and leadership qualities through a variety of programmes.
  • To equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to plan, execute, and lead the CCA.

Students are divided into six teams with each team comprising of eight to ten members of various levels and streams. Every team is assigned weekly duties that include setting up of the PA system for daily morning assembly both in the parade square or hall, and in the Black box as required, as well as any other duties required by the school personnel after curriculum time. In each team, the more senior members will lead and teach the juniors so that they are able to understand the operations of the school’s audio, visual and lighting system. On special occasions such as the school’s Commendation Day, the AV Club members also assist in the backstage operations as well as photography. Through their service to the school, the AV Club aims to cultivate leadership, team building and communication skills in every AV member.

CCA Schedule

Every Thursday 330 pm to 530 pm at AV Threatre