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About Us

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The Outdoor Activities Club (OAC) focuses mainly on competitive climbing and bouldering. Students will be given opportunities to learn more about the various climbing skills. In addition, students will also be exposed to competitions to further hone and to develop their skills.

The CCA also aims to instill leadership skills by providing ample opportunities for students to develop their leadership qualities.Outdoor Activity Club (OAC) focuses mainly on rock climbing which includes top rope and bouldering. Rock climbing is a demanding sport that tests a climber’s strength, endurance and climbing techniques. In our CCA, we aim to develop the physical, mental and technical aspects of our climbers by exposing them to various types of climbing. 

During CCA sessions, climbers are equipped with knowledge of climbing communication, proper usage of safety equipment knot and rope-work and belaying. Students have participated in various competitions this year. The competitions include the National Schools Bouldering Championships, SMU Gravical Bouldering Competition, Transend Bouldering and French School Climbing Competition. 

Our coach, Ms Felicia Lim, is a competitive climber who has represented Singapore in various competitions. She has also been training and guiding the Singapore Youth Climbers in International Competitions. Coach Felicia has ignited the love for climbing in the students and have slowly built up their confidence to do the climbs.

OAC trains both in school and at outdoor climbing gyms, Gorilla Gym and Ground Up. Students are exposed to a variety of routes, walls that challenges them and keep their interest burning, because “Falling ain’t failing”.