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About Us

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“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t
accept not trying.”

-Michael Jordon

We believe in team effort and the spirit of never give up. This sport has provided the students with an opportunity to learn many life skills that will not be possible from the textbook. Through the various training opportunities, we train not only in the physical/ technical component, but also the mental skills to gear the players for the challenges that lie ahead of them. Henceforth, providing a platform for students to build up a stronger character, better sportsmanship and hone their self-discipline to be a better person.

Basketball is a sport that is not only physically demanding, but also mentally challenging as well. It teaches one to be disciplined in many aspects; discipline to work together as a team, discipline to train our minds and body to press on when fatigue kicks in on court.  

Over the years, basketball has grown to be more than a CCA to me. It has become such a huge part of me that it forms the very fabric of the Guangyang family. We have many ups and downs and we share many joys and sorrows together. As we groom the students to become better players, the students have also in turn, matured and even motivated us in becoming better educators and facilitators to embark on this exciting journey together. 

- Mrs Lee – Tan Yue Yun, teacher-in-charge of Basketball (Girls)


to cultivate a strong sense of responsibility in their various roles and duties in the team
to develop life skills such as good communication, planning, self-management and teamwork
to adopt a positive attitude and self-motivation to succeed on court and off court

CCA Schedule

Monday 3 - 6.30pm
Thursday 3- 6.30pm
Friday 2.30pm - 6.30pm on even week friday of the month.