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About Us

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The Girls’ Brigade Singapore believes in developing our girls to their fullest potential as leaders. It is through our Educational, Physical, Social and Holistic programme that the girls develop practical skills and interact with the community. The girls are empowered to lead, learn and grow, and most importantly, to give back to society with a caring heart.

Girls’ Brigade has taught me many things since the time I joined this CCA. Through the numerous events and activities, I learned to be a leader who handles responsibilities, takes initiative, and manages time well. I also made many new friends in the school through this CCA. My Seniors were really friendly and helpful in getting us started by teaching us the basics of the activities such as foot drills. I’m also deeply grateful to my teachers who have put in a great amount of effort into this CCA, making our camps memorable. I enjoy my time in my CCA and I am happy that I chose to join the Girls’ Brigade. 

- Dawn Wong Sher Lynn (Chairperson 2017-2018)


The Girls’ Brigade Singapore (GBS) is an international uniformed youth organization for girls, recognized by Ministry of Education of Singapore as a Co-Curricular Activity in the schools.

The mission of The Girls’ Brigade Singapore is:

To develop each girl and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling

  • Every Girl to be a Leader
  • Every Officer a Servant Leader

Guangyang Secondary School’s Girls’ Brigade Company is known as the 6th Company and is one of the earliest companies to have been established in Singapore.

CCA Schedule

The activities included in our weekly programme would be singing sessions, games, drill and badge-work sessions.

Girls will work for badges in subjects such as Healthy Attitudes, Brigade Knowledge, Responsibility in the Home, Community etc and many other aspects of life.

Meeting Time: 3 pm to 6.30 pm

*Please note that there are national events and activities that fall on Saturdays. Students will be given a schedule upon joining the CCA.

Advisor/ Officer

  • Ms Chow Yuen Peng