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About Us

In NPCC, we provide a vibrant environment to promote the personal development and growth of our cadets. Every cadet is given ample opportunities to lead and excel in his or her areas of responsibilities, while learning the values of teamwork and camaraderie.

Apart from attending trainings at the Home Team Academy, Road Safety Park and Camp Resilience at Pulau Ubin, the cadets are also engaged in the Community Safety & Security Program & Police Youth Ambassador Project. Through these activities, our cadets can be imbued with the proper discipline and civic responsibility to be caring citizens in the future as well as deepen their school core values, responsibility, perseverance & integrity.

“The one activity that had the biggest impact on me as an NPCC Cadet is my school's unit camp. Every year, I had a different experience. In 2014, I enjoyed the camp as a cadet and participated actively in the activities planned by my CLs. In 2015, I was a CL-to-be, and I took the initiative to lead the juniors that were in my group. In 2016, I had an active role in planning for the camp. These three camps taught me different things, and the experience I had shaped me to be who I am today. I transited from being just a follower to somebody that gradually stepped out of his comfort zone. Now, I am a leader that seeks to lead others to grow by sharing how they can improve based on my experiences. This has developed my problem-solving skills. When faced with a problem, I should be calm and think through it carefully and take the necessary actions instead of waiting for things to happen.

Station Inspector Bong Jia Yang, 4E1, Class of 2017, Vice – Chairperson


The mission of the National Police Cadet Corps is to develop our members to be active citizens and community leaders, by working in partnership with Singapore Police Force to fight crime and keep Singapore safe.


The vision of the National Police Cadet Corps is to become the best youth organisation in Singapore, one that actively helps to make Singapore the safest place in the world.

Our Beliefs

In accordance with our mission and observing our objectives, we believe in:

Developing Leaders with Character & Values

ENSURE our growth by exposing us to a challenging environment, which, in turn will imbibe us with leadership qualities, strong character and civic, social and moral values.

Building Bonds with SPF

ENLIGHTEN us on the role of the Singapore Police Force, help to build a stronger bond of friendship with them, and so lead to a safer place for all in the country.

Showing Care & Concern to Others

As part of a culture that encourages us to treat fellow cadets with respect, courtesy and tact, TEACH us to extend the same care and concern to others.

Facing Challenges & Achieving Excellence

As a result of our identification with the Singapore Police Force, TEACH us to adopt its tradition of high standards of performance, commitment, duty and service, to seek to excel and to face up to challenge.

CCA Schedule: 

Every Thursday 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
* Students are required to attend other activities and competitions organised by NPCC HQ