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About Us



Forging lives through musical excellence, passion and discipline


Providing quality musical experience to our audiences and bringing out the best in every band member


From its humble beginnings, Guangyang Symphonic Band (GYSB) has grown to become one of the largest CCA in the school. From school events such as Commendation Day and Teachers’ Day Celebrations, to public performances and the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) and other competitions, Band members are making melody and entertaining its audiences with lively and exciting music.

The Band Programme seeks to infuse character development and inculcate values amidst its vigorous music training. Band members meet twice a week for sectional and combined band practices, and while the training is intensive, it has instilled in our members a sense of discipline and love for music.

Leadership and communication skills are also developed through activities such as Band camps and leadership workshops, where members get the opportunities to practise managing self and others. We desire every band member to be equipped with 21st century competencies that will prepare them well for their future.

To hone their instrument and playing skills, Band members are also sent for external workshops so that they can learn from other accomplished professionals. Not forgetting to have fun, games and outings are organised to ensure that Band members have time to bond and develop teamwork.

The Band Alumni is steadily growing in number and many of our alumni members are continuing their pursuit in band music. With their continued support and presence, they contribute to the Band by motivating and teaching current band members.

With strong determination and burning passion in our music making, GYSB is poised for greater achievements and better music!!!

“When I first joined Band, it felt as though I got adopted into a big family. The experiences we went through together, like the SYF Arts Presentation, has strengthened our friendships. It felt amazing when we showcased what we had prepared for months to earn us a Certificate of Accomplishment. I thought I did not do as well as I intended during a solo performance at the Botanic Gardens but my fellow band mates tried to comfort me and made me believe in myself. This is when I realised that we have an unbreakable strong bond. Band, to me, is really my family, my second home.”

- Chew Ke Er Sheila 3E1 Assistant Band Major 

CCA Schedule

All members: 
Monday 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm 
Thursday 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm 

Note: There may be additional practices during periods of competition and performance.