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About Us

We aim to develop students’ confidence and self-esteem to explore their potential, take risks and challenge their own creativity through drama.

When Drama Club was first established this year, many of us had the perception that Drama is just a laidback CCA because we had the mindset that all that needs to be done is just acting. But there is actually more to that! We learn the various techniques and methods of acting, how to vary our movements to produce certain effects, and even learn several drama games to aid in our character improvisation and the ability to think on the spot. The CCA allows me to express myself freely in terms of my emotions. I definitely had fun and enjoyed myself throughout this first year in Drama Club. 

(Emma Nicole Tan Xiu Qi, 2E4)

Drama is very fun and benefits me in many ways. It helps me to improve on my acting, self-confidence, self-awareness and helps me to be more focused. 

(De Guzman Ashely Gaile Cunanan, 2E4)