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Applied Learning Program

Environmental Science for Sustainable Living

Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Environmental Science for Sustainable Living, aims to inculcate the joy of learning in our students by allowing them to see the relevance of their book knowledge to the real world. Our Applied Learning Programme consists of three themes -  Energy, Urban Farming and Water. This is done through the ALP curriculum and enrichment programmes. 

Our refurbished ALP room.jpg

In 2017, our ALP Room and CSI Room are refurbished to allow for an environment which provides authentic learning environment. To allow this, we installed more solar panels and both rooms are now powered by our very own solar panels so that our students can relate what they learnt in their ALP lessons to real life. In addition, we purchased vertical farms to allow students to have a hands-on experience in growing and harvesting the crops and apply their knowledge in urban farming. These special features greatly enhance and excite our students as they develop to become useful thinking citizens of the world. 

One of the crime scenes from CSI room.jpg

Our Applied Learning Programme also seeks to spark interest in our students to explore career options in the STEM area. Selected students were brought to various learning journeys such as the ‘Meet the Future Singapore’ festival, BCA Academy learning journey and the Google Office learning journey. Industrial attachments with our partners were also organised to allow for students to experience working in the STEM industry.

Secondary 1 Energy ALP curriculum

Students racing their solar cars.JPG

Students will learn why solar energy is a viable clean energy alternative for Singapore, as well as how to harness it. This 10 hour course will also let students fully experience developing their own project, from logistics and design to building a functioning solar car. Students will be given ample time to prototype and troubleshoot their own designs. In line with the school’s green efforts, students are encouraged to make use of recycled materials, ranging from wood to metal.

Secondary 2 Urban Farming curriculum

Students with their completed vertical farm.JPG
Students will learn how to maximise land use by going vertical - designing and creating their own vertical farm. This 15 hour course will also teach students electronic systems using the open-source Arduino platform. Students will get to try out different combinations of sensors and output devices in order to automate simple processes.