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Industrial Attachment 

In the curriculum structure at Guangyang secondary school, we provide our secondary three students with the opportunity to relate their academic learning to a suitable work environment. This experience will facilitate their ability to adapt when joining the workforce in the future.

 The objectives of the Industrial Attachment are as follows:

  • To broaden students’ vision about the world of work

  • To enhance students’ negotiation and communication skills

  • To develop students’ character and values

GYSS Industrial Work Experience

Internship Period

 The duration of attachment generally ranges between 1-2 weeks during the June and November school vacation period.

Supervision and Assessment of Student’s Performance at Work

During the duration of the work experience, our partnering organisations will assign a supervisor to be responsible for the students in terms of work assignment, guidance as well as to assess the performance of the students.

The organisation supervisor will provide feedback on the student’s performance to the student’s assigned teacher-in-charge of the industrial work experience programme during his/her visit to the organisation. The supervisor will also complete an evaluation form to assess the performance of the student.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Students who successfully complete the Industrial work experience will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment signed by the principal of Guangyang secondary school and the organisation’s authorized representative.

Industrial Attachment 2018

November 2018 IA_Parent Letter.pdf 

November 2018_Industrial attachment Presentation Student Slides