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Learning for Life Programme

heARTbeat: Arts for Life is the name of Guangyang Secondary School’s Learning for Life Programme (LLP).,For us, the arts go beyond a decorated piece of canvas or a well-choreographed performance on stage. As we cultivate amongst the students an appreciation of the various arts forms, we also provide opportunities for them to become confident, articulate and creative members of the community – qualities which become especially invaluable in an increasingly complex and uncertain world.

heARTbeat encompasses the domain of aesthetics, with a focus on Drama.  The school has structured the delivery of the programme in the following way:

  •  Tier 1:
To provide opportunities for all to discover and appreciate the Arts - Lower Secondary Literature Curriculum

Students explore the genres of Short Stories, Plays and Poems through performance-based lessons which require them to put up a group piece at the end of each genre-focused module. It also ensures that by the end of Secondary Two, every Guangyang student will have performed in front of their classmates at least once.

  • Tier 2:
Learning the Arts through hands-on sessions and enrichment programmes, and offering various platforms for pupil talents to perform and excel. - Performing Arts CCA, which includes our Drama Club

Members of the above CCAs will not only be able to participate in public performances but will also test their mettle by joining the biennial Singapore Youth Festival (SYF).

To further support this programme, we have completed the Black Box – a dedicated performance area within the school compound for our Drama students to showcase their talents. The Black Box will also be equipped with lighting and sound systems to provide our students with as authentic an experience as possible.


A biennial performance jointly put together by the crème de la crème of the school’s Performing Arts talents, the inaugural Shine@8Bishan12 was staged in 2016 and was sub-titled ‘Tomorrow Beckons’. The name Shine@8Bishan12 captures the school’s identity and commitment to the community of Bishan of which it is a part.

“Tomorrow Beckons” revolved around Rey, an undergraduate and an alumna of Guangyang who reflects on her walk of dreams, her journey through years of hard work in Guangyang to ultimately fulfil her life-long goal of studying in the University. More than an indelible memory, we hope the Shine@8Bishan12 series will continue to inspire both performers and members of the audience to dare to dream.

Arts Fiesta

Arts Fiesta 1.JPG
Held biennially between our Shine@8Bishan12 musicals, the Arts Fiesta is a series of performances which aims to reach out to the community as well as to thank our community partners for their support in our school’s arts journey.

National Schools Literature Festival

National School Lit Fest 2017.jpg
The National Schools Literature Festival is the highlight of our signature lower-secondary Literature programme, Living Lit Up!, providing since 2016 an opportunity to showcase our best talents. Like the previous year, our lower-secondary students showcased artwork and role-played characters based on The Paper Menagerie, in the Book Parade event. The highlight of our participation was the Choral Speaking performance based on the local poem, Karang Guni, which garnered rave reviews from audiences and judges alike. This year, our upper-secondary Literature students also took part in the debate segment for the first time, delivering presentations on their O-Level set text, The Joy Luck Club.