Join Our Alumni

Objectives of the Guangyang Alumni seeks to foster a sense of community among our graduates, past and present, while supporting a sense of connectedness back to the school. Through various events, we hope to establish or renew friendships, while creating potential collaborations that our students can benefit from the alumni’s skills and experience.

In 2017, the Guangyang Secondary Alumni members reunite, reconnect, and rekindle their friendship during the 100th year Anniversary. In 2022, the members gather once again during the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it was a memorable experience for all.

Click here to see the external website created by our Alumni.

We welcome our former students to be part of us. You may email the school for more information.

To register as alumni member, please scan the QR code and fill in the details. Do watch out for our website or Facebook for upcoming events and happenings. 

Our Alumni members visiting the school whom some are residing in Malaysia and USA
Glad to have Mr Alex Chia and his wife visiting us and enjoying the history gallery
The Youth Alumni waiting to say “hello, cher!” to their teachers