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Principal's Message 2020

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Guangyang welcomes a new year and decade with excitement and anticipation! As we cross over into the 2020s, it is with a renewed sense of drive and focus on helping our students learn more effectively while rediscovering the joy of learning. This is not just so that they will be able to unleash their full potential as individuals to reach their own dreams, but to also help them Lead, Think and Advocate, not just for themselves but also for their Communities and the Nation.

This is in line with our refreshed Mission Statement, which seeks to clarify why we exist as an organisation. This statement emerged after 18 months of discussions and deliberation with staff, students and our valued stakeholders. Along with this, we have also reviewed our organisational Vision and Values and have formulated ones that will shape the Guangyang journey in the years ahead. I am proud to unveil the following refreshed VMV statements:

The Guangyang Vision

Learners for Today, Leaders for Tomorrow

The Guangyang Mission

To nurture students to become Leaders, Thinkers and Advocates for Self, Community and Nation

The Guangyang Values

Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Care, Grit

Our refreshed Vision explicitly forefronts the centrality of learning for Guangyang. We would like our students to rediscover the joy of discovery and learning. In addition, as they progress from level to level and learning gets more challenging, they will be able to have the self-belief and grit, one of our refreshed Guangyang Values, to push through and successfully master whatever they are attempting to master, be it classroom content, leadership skills or 21st Century competencies. Successful leaders continually learn all the time and at Guangyang, we envision our students will make learning a way of life, both now and into the future.

Our Guangyang Mission statement takes reference from our previous student outcomes where we aim to have every GYsian become a “Leader, Thinker and Advocate”. In an increasingly fragmented and self-interested globalised world, our goal is to have every student who comes through our gates emerging not just thinking for themselves and of their own interests, but also able to concern themselves with the matters important to their communities and Singapore. We hope this will encourage our Guangyang graduates to become contributing citizens in their future.

In 2020, the Guangyang community will continue to unpack and strategise how to best realise our organisation aspirations for all our students and staff. All the while, we will continue to provide a holistic, well-rounded and engaging learning experience for all our GYsians. This is in line with the Guangyang brand of education, a tradition which has endured for 102 years. I welcome you to stop by our newly completed Heritage Wall to learn more about this tradition and the Guangyang story. We hope that students will also find out more about this story of resilience and selflessness from our Heritage Wall and grow to appreciate the values and tenacity shown by generations of Guangyang alumni.

2020 will be another year of learning and leading once again! I welcome all to join us on our exciting journey of discovery into the new decade ahead!

Strong in Principles, Steadfast in Duty

Mr Alvin Lim
Guangyang Secondary School