Principal’s Message 2022

Welcome to a new year of learning and discovery!

Guangyang Secondary School welcomes you to 2022 and another exciting year of learning and discovery. While learning through the pandemic has not been a walk in the park, GYsians, students and staff have more than ably and willingly risen up to the challenges of the past 2 years and achieved both academically and character-wise. True to the school vision of “Learners for Today, Leaders for Tomorrow”, our students have learnt and adapted to the ever changing world around them, be it home-based academic learning or taking part in their CCA from their living rooms, singing and taking part in physical activities remotely, this willingness and disposition to learn, unlearn and relearn has served the GY community very well. As we hope for  a return to pre-pandemic normality in 2022, our GY-sians also look back and appreciate the lessons that have moulded them positively in the most unique of circumstances..

For 2022, we are adopting the theme “Care to Learn” These two elements cannot be separated from each other. Human beings learn best in an environment where we feel emotionally and psychologically safe and secure. In short, when we feel cared for and appreciated by the people we are with, we are able to master new skills, dispositions and content.  In Guangyang, we hope that all our students will find that community within our school campus. There will be a continued emphasis on building relationships between teachers and students and also guiding our students to relate to one another in healthy pro-social ways. This will be the premise for more effective and engaging teaching and learning activities taking place. From interesting and exciting subject activity weeks where students discover the myriad applications of mathematics, science and other subjects to student-initiated learning activities where GY-sians determine the parameters of their own learning as part of the school’s Blended Learning initiative, learning is rarely, if ever, mundane at GYSS and in 2022, we hope that our students will continue to discover that Learning is for Life and can be fun and motivating!

While we can never be certain about what tomorrow will bring, our own learning attitude and level of optimism is within our locus of control. For Secondary 1 students joining us for the first time, a warm welcome to our Bishan family!  For the rest, much deep learning continues to await, so let’s commence the journey with our best foot forward!

Strong in Principles, Steadfast in Duty
Mr Alvin Lim
Guangyang Secondary School