Words Of Encouragement

Commending Secondary 2 Student, Noor Ikhwan

Dear GYSS,

I would like to commend a secondary 2 student from your school, Noor Ikhwan. He was riding his bike back home from school, where he was approached by an elderly man on wheelchair to help him cross the road. I happened to be there with my husband where we asked Noor if he
needed help. He said he could manage and asked if we could look after his bike. After they had crossed the road, it seems that the elderly man’s wheelchair had run out of battery and had asked for Noor’s help to send him home. Noor helped to push this man’s wheelchair all the way
back to his block at Toa Payoh North, with the help of another lady. I was amazed and thoroughly impressed by how patient and dutiful Noor was in helping out our elderly citizen. He didn’t have second thoughts about leaving his bike unattended at the traffic light. He said he could manage helping the elderly man. He ensured the elderly man was brought back safely to his home. I am honoured to have witnessed this act of kindness by your student. His foundation, heart and values are in the right direction. He has set a great example for us and our three year old daughter.

Kind Regards,
Palvinder Kaur, 15 Apr 2021

Well Done Girls!

To the school Principal,

Today, I was walking around the estate and witnessed a group of about five to six girls (I believe they are from Guangyang Secondary Sch) crowding around an elderly. She was sitting by the curb of the car park near Blk 121 with a lot of bags around her. Initially, I thought the elderly had fell down. When I got closer and talked to the girls, they informed me that the elderly
needed to take a taxi but was helpless as she did not have a phone to call for car. One of the girls actually used her phone to book a grab car for the elderly to take her to Thomson plaza while the rest kept the elderly accompanied. I understood that they were actually running late
to return to the school compound and had to go off before the gate closes. It’s great to see your students being so kind and socially responsible. Just want to let you know that I am very proud of your students and will definitely consider to send my children to GYSS in future.

From a parent, 12 Apr 2021

Commendation for Cross Country Team

Dear Sir,

I am always very inspired when I see Guangyang Cross country kids training on Saturday mornings. They are always so motivated and self-disciplined. Kudos to the Cross Country Team and the teachers who inspired them! All the best for the Nationals.

Best Regards,
Hwi Kiat, 16 Nov 2019

Commendation Letter

Dear Mr Lim, Principal

We would like to thank Chinese language teachers, Ms Choo Chee Lin and Ms Gu Yuehong for their efforts and dedications to the pupils they have taught.

My niece, Michelle, joined the school in July 2017. She took up Chinese language as her mother-tongue subject. Taking up Malay language will be in her favour, but she wanted to do a different language instead, so she took up the challenge and started learning Chinese from scratch. She was taught by Ms Choo in Secondary 2. Being new to the subject, she was struggling in class in the first year. Ms Choo started a buddy system to help Michelle pull
through the transition period. Ms Choo also gave lots of encouragement to Michelle and to make sure she understood what was taught in class, Ms Choo will constantly asked Michelle to explain what she had been taught.

In Secondary 3 and 4, she was taught by Ms Gu. As she promoted to upper Secondary, the level of difficulties increased. She was asked by assessor during oral assessment to consider an easier option of Chinese-B. However, she decided to stay put. Though she never once passed her Chinese exam in school, her result remains consistent throughout. I am pleased that Ms Gu
gave her lots of encouragement to keep her flame of interest burning. Ms Gu once commented to the class that “If Michelle can do it, all are expected to do much better”. We are pleased to hear that she has passed her O-level Chinese. Without the teachers’ guidance and patience, she would not have come this far. Hereby, we would like to take this opportunity to express our
gratitude to the above mentioned teachers and wish all a Happy Teachers’ Day.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Annie Hu, 4 Sep 2019

Compliment for School Security Officer

I would like compliment the security officer at GYSS that I will usually come across on Sat mornings. My son attends the MOE's JSA basketball session at GYSS on Sat mornings. Sending him for trainings, the elderly Chinese security officer would always greet with a smile. There was a particular Sat where I was late in picking up my son, and the school gate was already
closed. My son, together with a few others, were waiting outside the school. The security officer was also waiting with the kids. I personally feel that he has gone beyond his duty to ensure the kids are picked up by their parents before leaving. He's an elderly Chinese man. Am aware that he is engaged by the school's security vendor. Nonetheless, would like to compliment him for the job well done, and hope that the school will also pass on my compliments to the security agency.

Best regards,
Mr Soh, 25 Feb 2019

Compliment of a Student

To whom it may concern,

I'm writing this email to compliment a student at your school, he is Siddhesh from 4T1. I have dropped my phone accidentally on 1/27/2019, and he is so kind and sweet to return the phone to me. I really appreciate it as there are so much information in the phone and I felt so lost when I realize my phone is not in my pocket. Really appreciate him for returning the phone and once again I will like to compliment him. Thank you!

Best regards
Joe Yu, 27 Jan 2019

Your Gracious Student

Dear Mr Alvin Lim,

On Friday the 17th of Aug around 1.30pm, I was at Bishan Junction 8 getting my lunch at a fast food restaurant. I got my food and was looking for a table. It was very crowded. I found a table but there were no chairs, as it was taken by a larger group sitting nearby. I asked one of the staff where the chairs were for that vacant table and the staff just looked around and pointed that it had been taken. The staff left me standing with my tray. One of your students who was sitting at the next table saw what was going on. She was seated at a 4 person table and only needed 2 chairs. She very graciously stood up; offered me the extra chair at her table. I was surprise that she even noticed my predicament. For someone so young to have such
graciousness, consideration and most importantly selflessness is admirable. After my meal, I approached her and asked if I could have her name and school, as I felt that it is necessary to commend such gracious behavior. She has done your school proud. Please do thank Vanessa Yeo from 1N1, on my behalf.

Mrs D Wang, 17 Aug 2018

Compliment to GYSS Students

To the Principal

On 14 March 2018 (Wednesday), at about 2.30pm, I saw 3 female students from Guangyang Secondary School alerted an old lady to look out for ongoing vehicles when crossing the road.
They went the extra mile to escort the old lady to other side of the road and assisted her with directions. One of the students wears a red T-shirt with number 28, Abigail. As a member of public, I am proud to see youths from GYSS taking the initiative to help others.

Liam, 14 Mar 2018

Letter of Commendation for 3 Sec 4 Students

Dear Mr Kwok, Principal

This is to commend and express my thanks to 3 Sec 4 male students of your school for their assistance this morning at about 11.20am along Bishan St 12 just below Blk 117. While walking along the road pavement below the block, I accidentally dropped my mobile phone. To my horror, it fell through one of the gaps of the drain cover I was walking past and into the deep drain below. Thankfully, there was only a little bit of water at the bottom of the drain. I was in a quandary as to how, I (59-year-old, short and not so agile) would be able to retrieve the phone from the drain quickly before the water level started to rise for whatever reason and submerge
or wash my phone away.

I looked around anxiously and spotted 3 male students from your school walking along the opposite side of the road towards the traffic light junction and went across to seek their help. They suggested getting the help of the 2 road sweepers/cleaners whom they had seen as they passed Guangyang Primary School. I asked them to do me the favour of going back to the cleaners to request their help for me as I knew they would certainly
be faster than I could be in getting to the cleaners before they disappeared from the site.

Besides, I had been warned by doctors to be careful not to trip and fall due to my vertigo and osteoporosis conditions so I was wary of having to hurry or run to where the cleaners were to seek their help asap. The boys obliged and went back to where the cleaners were to explain my dilemma while I stayed and waved to the cleaners in acknowledgement. Then one of the
cleaners walked quickly to where I was waiting while accompanied by one of the boys.

I thanked the student gratefully and asked for his and his 2 friends; names so that I could mention them to the school authorities as a form of commendation but he said it was not necessary. I was only able to learn that they were Secondary 4 students and they went on their way towards the traffic junction without much ado. As for my mobile phone, the agile and cheerful cleaner easily retrieved it from the deep drain in a jiffy to my great relief and gratitude.

Of course I thanked him gratefully as well. The phone seemed none-the-worse despite the episode and was only slightly damp with no water seeping inside to cause any problem. Soon after the incident, I called the school office to explain my wish to commend the 3 students and
a suggestion was made for me to e-mail the school about the positive feedback. I hope it will be an encouragement to all in the school to hear about the good deed (no matter how small it might seem even to the 3 students) but it was certainly a BIG help to me to have got my phone
back quickly without any risk of injury to myself from tripping/falling or whatever else. Thank you again boys!!!

Jessica from Bishan St 12, 7 Sep 2016

Letter of Appreciation

Dear Sir,

I am writing this email to express my gratitude and appreciation towards Brian of 2E3 and his fellow classmates who called me yesterday to inform me that my son had left his hand phone in the bus on his way back home. Brian had found it lying on a seat in a bus. They were sincere in
trying to contact the owner and return the phone.

After finding out that the phone had only 1% battery remaining, Brian told me quite clearly to come to the school and get the phone from the security outpost. I find him to be quick thinking and decisive. His friends and he happened to be outside the school when I arrived. They were humble and courteous and told me that there was no need to send any thank you emails. But I feel that I should anyway. So please convey my thanks to Brian and friends. Thank you.

Mrs Ramesh, 3 Mar 2016

Thank You

Dear Mrs Kim Loh,

I have been wanting to thank you since last term for your effort in helping Shaun in his Physics.

He always sings praises of you and is very glad that you have been his Physics teacher since Sec

  1. You have been giving him a lot of care and encouragement. With your sincere help and guidance, Shaun has shown greater interest and confidence in Physics and was thus was able to do well in this subject. In fact, Physics is his favourite subject and is the highest amongst all his subjects for SA1. Shaun has mentioned that you are a responsible teacher who teaches very well in class and make an effort to go through every question thoroughly to make sure the students understand their work. You also give them a lot of notes and practice questions to prepare them for exams. Every topic covered is always followed by a revision to enhance the students’ understanding. Pair work is also done to engage students in discussions as a form of
    peer assessment. You will conduct supplementary class when the need arises. You will also not hesitate to spend your time after school to help Shaun with whatever problems he has in the subject when he approaches you. Of course there are still many other good things you have done. I sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that this letter will serve as a morale booster in that at least you know that there are students out there who appreciate you and it is all worth it.

Warmest regards,
Shaun’s mother, 5 Jul 2014

Good Act that Deserves Our Attention

Dear Principal of GYSS,

I am a commuter of the public who decided to write in with regards to an act by your student. I think she deserves our applause for her.

Details of incident: 10th November 2013, Sunday 930am.
Description of the girl: She is a basketball player from GYSS, standing about 1.65m.

She wore a blue basketball t-shirt with the school logo, which is why I am able to identify the school after researching about the logo. She was carrying a pink bag pack and Fila shoe bag.

What happened: I board the train at Yishun station together with this girl. A young adult was sitting on the reserved seat near us. Without hesitation, this basketball girl tapped the young adult and asked her to give up the seat to an old lady nearby. This simple act really amazed me
because we do know that such mentality is not commonly found; among us.

Furthermore, I'm sure that even grown-ups may not even have the courage to do the same thing as what she did.
I wrote in because I think this story deserves to be shared with the school. Her actions should be rewarded with our attention and I do hope that this mentality can be cultivated among our younger generation of today's world. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Ting Hui, 10 Nov 2013


To Principal/VP/Discipline Master

Greetings! I am here to give a compliment on your students. While I was on the train, I spotted some of your students were sitting and when an elderly lady came, they gave up their seats, letting her to sit. I think this action is worth mention.

Lim Swee Kok, 15 Oct 2012