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Home Based Learning

Dear Parents, 

Kindly click on this link to access the communication for weekly Home Based Learning every Thursday. This information has also been communicated through Parents Gateway. 

Summary of Learning for each individual class

SECONDARY ONEgo.gov.sg/gysssec1hblsummary
SECONDARY TWOgo.gov.sg/gysssec2hblsummary
SECONDARY THREEgo.gov.sg/gysssec3hblsummary
SECONDARY FOUR and FIVE go.gov.sg/gysssec4and5hblsummary
FOLDER FOR RESOURCES FOR EACH CLASSgo.gov.sg/gysshblschoolwide

Please note that the learning for weekly Home Based Learning comes in three main modes:

  1. Student Learning Space  (click this link for any log in issues)
  2. Online webinar using Google Meet or Zoom. (Each class will have their individual meeting link and will be provided by their Subject or Form Teachers)
  3. Offline teaching

For students without learning devices and/or WiFi, the school will make provisions to ensure continuity of their learning. 

Please refer to link for any log in issues or call 6258 9781 for any issues relating to Home Based Learning.


Tips for Successful Home Based Learning:

A) Students

10 Tips for students.JPG
B) Parents

7 Tips for parents.JPG