SLS Password Reset / Unlock Account

Option 1: SLS password reset only

Please inform your class form teacher or subject teacher to assist in resetting your SLS password.

Option 2: School-based helpline (8 am to 4 pm)

Schools will assist students directly on unlocking account and password-related matters.

SLS reset

Option 3: SLS central helpline

The SLS Central Helpline will operate after school operating hours (4pm - 9pm on weekdays, 9am - 9pm on Saturday). Unlocking of accounts and resetting of password.

However, students may email the SLS Central Helpdesk at at any time for assistance.

Never share your password

Important note :

As part of cyber wellness education, we would like to request that you should never share your password or the answers or your security questions with others.

Logging into another person’s account with stolen credentials is also an offence that can carry serious consequences.

If a student suspects that someone else could have logged into his/her account or have reset his/her password, he/she should immediately change the answers to his/her security questions and then reset his/her password. He/She should also change the password to the verified email address if he/she suspects that another person has access to this email as well.