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Engaging MTL lessons with inspiring teachers and enthusiastic pupils


We aim to develop pupils’ ability in MTL, cultivate their interest in the learning of own Mother Tongue culture, as well as to have a better understanding of other Mother Tongue cultures through classroom lessons and a wide variety of enrichment activities.

The MTL Department works towards the vision of enhancing teachers’ skills in conducting engaging lessons and to cultivate passionate learners who learn their MTL with enthusiasm. Teachers in the department are committed and work in unison to cultivate pupils’ interest in reading as the foundation for independent lifelong learning. We review our curriculum periodically and aim to employ a variety of methods to better engage our students in.

Key Activities

Chinese language activities
1 – Students engaged in creative writing workshop with renowned local author
2 – Enjoying fun moments at Cross Talk
3 – Students participants of National Writing Competition
4 – Student engrossed in carving his Chinese surname on a stone
5 – Students learnt more history on the Chinese Opera through painting of face-mask
6 – Students enjoying the book-sharing sessions conducted by their peers themselves
7 – Students are introduced to the locally composed music, Xinyao


Tamil language activities


Malay language activites

In order to create an immersive environment for the learning of Malay Language, the school organized a wide range of activities related to Malay Language and culture.

  1. ML Secondary 1 Parents and Teachers Meeting
  2. Silat Workshop
  3. Dikir Barat Workshop
  4. Batik Painting Workshop
  5. ML Motivational Talk
  6. ML Cultural Camp – Making of Bunga Rampai
  7. ML Cultural Camp – Making of Kuih Ondeh-ondeh
  8. ML Cultural Camp – Making of Kuih Abuk-abuk 9. ML Cultural Camp – Nasi Ambeng
Group photo with Music Director and ex-Guangyang student, Mr Syawaludin
Making of Kuih Abuk-Abuk