Science Department Sketchbook

Our Sketchbook

Vision and Mission

  • A passionate learner with an inquisitive and creative mind.
  • To develop inquisitive minds through the acquisition of scientific knowledge and skills.

Key Activities

PET Rocket workshop (Sec 2E/N(A)/ N(T))

The PET Rocket workshop is a programme with the objective to enable students to apply scientific concepts in Physics through a meaningful and fun activity. Students learned how to make rockets from recycled PET bottles and to launch these rockets. The concepts of forces and their applications are clearly evident in this programme.

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Science 3


The Advanced Elective Module (AEM) is a collaboration between the school and Singapore Polytechnic. This module is offered to selective secondary 3 Express students who are taking Pure Chemistry and Pure Biology. The module, ‘Application of Science in Forensics’ provides students with an in-depth knowledge of Life Science and serves as an extension of the school’s Life Science programme. The aim of this module is to provide exposure for students to a possible career in Life Sciences by giving them a snapshot of the skills and knowledge required in the field of forensics. The module will also equip students with the practical skills that are relevant to Life Science at a higher institution of learning.

Science 4
Science 5


This programme focused on preparing students for the national exams through an extensive remediation in March. Students are put through concurrent sessions of science lessons to address misconceptions and to reiterate science concepts in the application of exam questions.