Subject Based Banding

Guangyang Secondary School is one of the Phase 1 schools to implement SBB with Sec 1 Cohort. Our school will be conducting three rounds of intake for SBB students based on the following timeline:

  • 1st Intake in January
  • 2nd Intake after Mid-Year Examinations (MYE) in May (i.e. mid-year inserts)
  • 3rd Intake after End-of-Year Examinations (EOY) in November (i.e. end-of-year inserts)

Subject-Based Banding (SBB) provides greater flexibility in a subject offered at lower secondary levels, to better cater to the strengths of students in different subjects. Secondary 1 Normal (Academic) [N(A)] and Normal (Technical) [N(T)] students can take English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue Languages at a higher level subject if they meet the PSLE eligibility criteria at the start of the year.

PSLE Eligibility Criteria for Offering Higher Level Subject

PSLE Standard Grade
PSLE Foundation Grade
Option to offer subject at
A*, A
A*, A
Express / N(A)
B, C

More information on SBB will be provided during the Secondary 1 Registration in December 2020.