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The school’s Audio-Visual (AV) Club provides students with valuable technical skills and inculcates the spirit of volunteerism and initiative. Our daily activities include setting up the public announcement (PA) system for morning and afternoon assemblies and for all school events. AV Club students are also resident photographers for all school performances and special occasions.

This year the AV Club members were involved in two major school events, the Splendour Of Green Carnival in school and the Arts Fiesta at Bishan Community Club. Both the photography crew and the lighting and sound crew worked tirelessly in challenging situations involving outdoor stage and sound system set-up for the Green Carnival and photography under variable lighting conditions for the Arts Fiesta.

Our members also participated in various photography competitions this year, like the Singapore Garden Photographer of the Year organised by the National Parks Board and Our School, Our Stories Photo Contest organised by the Ministry of Education.


  • To develop in pupils the appreciation and the application of audio, visual media, photography, and visual arts creatively.
  • To build character, team spirit, and leadership qualities through a variety of programmes.
  • To equip pupils with the knowledge and skills to plan, execute, and lead the CCA.

Students are divided into six teams with each team comprising of eight to ten members of various levels and streams. Every team is assigned weekly duties that include setting up of the PA system for daily morning assembly both in the parade square or hall and in the Black box as required, as well as any other duties required by the school personnel after curriculum time. In each team, the more senior members will lead and teach the juniors so that they are able to understand the operations of the school’s audio, visual and lighting system. On special occasions such as the school’s Commendation Day, the AV Club members also assist in the backstage operations as well as photography. Through their service to the school, the AV Club aims to cultivate leadership, team building, and communication skills in every AV member.

Key Activities

Photography Workshop

This year, the AV Club embarked on a Photography Workshop for the lower secondary members, conducted by the prize-winning photographers/ trainers from Objectifs Centre For Photography and Film. This workshop comprised of six sessions, with a final session embarking on a guided shoot through vibrant, multicultural Waterloo Street. Besides teaching the students the technical know-hows of handling cameras, they were also equipped with the creative concepts and principles of composition, framing and lighting. With acclaimed award-winning photographers like Bernice Wong and Deanna Wong as their mentors, the students analysed, reviewed, and evaluated works by well-known photographers and applied these ideas and techniques in their own work. This was an enriching experience for the students as they attempted to find stories in their surroundings and translated these into their photographs.

A reflection or quote from a student, teacher or stakeholder / partner

“Most times we are the first to arrive at school events, one of the last to leave. Always working behind the curtains and/ or in the control room, we don’t always get the accolades when things run smoothly, but feel the heat most when there are hiccups. Yet, the AV team is like family. Maybe this is our version of home. Maybe it’s in our little imperfections that we make things perfect.” – Zahrah 3N1 and Phoebe 3N2 (Vice-Chairpersons 2019/2020)

“You know, at the end of the day, it’s worth it. You know it’s something that you just need to do, to get it done, and to learn, no matter how mundane and repetitive sometimes it may seem. The light shines on the stage because we work in the shadows and the dark.” Richard, 4N2 (IC, Daily Events 2018-19).

CCA Schedule

Every Thursday from 330 pm to 530 pm at AV Theatre.


  • Mdm Siti Asnah Basir
  • Mrs Chan Bee Nar
  • Mr Madhavaraman Pugazhenthi
  • Ms Siti Nooraisyah Mohd Ghozali