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Basketball Boys

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A CHANCE …...to Make It HAPPEN!

Basketball is one of the niche CCAs in GYSS. Teachers and Coach work closely to support each other in the training and activities for the Team. We BELIEVE in our students and provide an opportunity for young talents to come together to fulfill their dreams as an excellent basketball player.

Our aim is to maximize players’ full potentials through structured and disciplined training and to build up their strong character through inculcating the school values and sportsmanship at the same time. GYSS equips players with the necessary physical and mental skills to meet the challenges ahead. With Resolute Courage, Excellent Teamwork and Positive Mindset, GYSS Team makes their DREAM come true. All achievements were made possible with the full support from the school and strong support from all the parents.

 “The time management workshop organised by the teachers has helped me to set my priority right and thus, stay on track of what I need to do every day. The session throughout the season has enabled me to clarify my doubts and set the routine right for my daily revision.” -Sim Zheng De 1E3

Our Basketball Teachers care about us more than just basketball. They spent extra time to organised study session to revise our weaker subjects with us before our training.  They motivated us to excel in both basketball and academics..” – Edison Chew Jia Jun, 2N1

“The school gives me a feeling of home. The teachers, my classmates, my teammates are caring and approachable. We spent a lot of time together, getting to know each other and thus built strong teamwork among ourselves.”- Ashton Sim 2N2

After joining Guangyang Basketball Team, my skills have improved tremendously within a short period of time. Under the guidance of the teachers and Coach, I have also strengthened my mental toughness and am able to manage stress better. .”Lee Jia An, 2T1

After joining this CCA, I have become more disciplined in my life and learnt how to put others before myself. Through the Inter-School Competition, I have also practiced perseverance and not to give up easily. – Aseem Thapa, 3N2

 “Though the matches and competitions, I have learnt to keep the fighting spirit on, continue to believe, and continue to give my best till the end. Regardless of results, giving my best will leave me with no regrets!” -Heng Aaron 3E3

Our Basketball Team has developed me into a more confident person. I have learnt that teamwork can bring out the BEST Potential in the Team and Sportsmanship on the court will earn the respect of others.

 – Suyog Thapa, 3E4

Key Activities

South Zone Basketball (Boys) Inter School Competition



C Division

B Division


National Top 8
National Top 8





Top 10 (Round 2)



Top 10 (Round 2)



Top 10 (Round 2)

Top 10 (Round 2)



Top 10 (Round 2)

·            National Inter-School Championship

·            South Zone Inter-School Championship 

·            T-Net Basketball Tournament

·            Value in Action (VIA)

·            Annual BBQ bonding session

·            Workshop on Food Nutrition, Time Management, Fitness & Conditioning, Mental Toughness.

·            Annual Residential Camp

·            Annual Overseas Basketball Enrichment Trip




CCA Schedule

  • Every Monday & Wednesday 3pm to 5pm
  • Every Friday 1.30 pm - 3.30 pm

Teachers in-charge: 

Ms Ruth Koh (Overall IC)

Ms Cindy Tan

Mr Murtaza