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We took a virtual team photo during one of our eCCA session.

Kobe Bryant once said, “It’s the one thing you can control. You are responsible for how people remember you, or don’t. So don’t take it lightly.”

In the Guangyang Basketball Girls team, we take every session very seriously. We want to be remembered for our team effort, our discipline, our resilience, our passion for the game and our love for the sport.

Basketball has always been a sport that provided a very powerful platform for students to learn many life skills that will not be possible from the textbook. Despite it being physically demanding and mentally challenging, a close-knitted and united team will make all these obstacles and challenges bearable and enjoyable.

Key Activities

Year 2020

The year started with the B division zonal competitions. Our B division team this year was one of strongest and we won our initial Round 1 matches, putting us in good stead of topping our group to get in to the Nationals. Unfortunately, the competition ended prematurely.

2020 was a special year with unprecedented measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Competitions were cancelled for the year and trainings were suspended for a time. Interestingly, we got to focus on the non-physical aspects of the CCA via online sessions, which was a novel experience.

We did not let a pandemic crush our team spirit, taking CCA sessions online. Despite being unable to train, our girls learnt strategies, kept fit and connected in the comforts of their home via online platforms.

3. CCA w SMM 2

When CCA could finally resume, we were all very excited and happy to see each other. We resumed our trainings with safe management measures.

Our Voices

This year has been a very novel experience, from conducting e-CCAs to training in fixed groups of 5s. Regrettably, competitions and camps had to be cancelled, but it was a great chance for us to explore ways to transcend the physical and instead, interact and learn virtually. It was heartening to see our girls rise up to the challenge and take the SMMs responsibly and diligently. We are very proud of them and admire their resilience. - Miss Cheryl Choo, Teacher-In-Charge

Teachers are very caring, supportive and encouraging. Trainings are mostly fun and energising. The one-hour dragonboating during our basketball camp last year was very enjoyable and trains values like teamwork and perseverance.Leow Zi Jing 2E1’2020 & Gwendaline Ong 2N1’2020

Basketball CCA has taught me about perseverance, not to give up easily. Teamwork is also important – we learn how to work together and strive for the best.Pang Wei Qing 3N1’2020

Key Achievements

CCA Schedule

Our Basketball Family

Teachers-in-charge:Miss Cheryl Choo
Mrs Eugenia Fam
Mrs Lee – Tan Yue Yun
Coach:Coach Ryan

Training Schedule

Every Monday and Thursday 3.15pm – 6.15pm