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National Cadet Corps (NCC) has remained to be one of the largest Uniformed Groups (UG) in Singapore. NCC vision is to nurture extraordinary youth leaders who are inspiring and citizens that are committed to maintaining the security of the nation.

National Day Parade 2017 brought an invigorating experience for Staff Sergeant Ler Chun Wei when he participated in the NCC Marching Contingent. He has described the experience as one that he will never forget.

The Annual Proficiency Camp created an opportunity to nurture the adventurous spirits of our cadets. To instill the spirit, cadets get to visit Pulau Ubin for their Orienteering activity and to hike a distance of 7 km from Venus Drive to Treetop Walk.

In the cadets’ reflection, resilience and perseverance were two values that consistently resonates in both of the outdoor experiences. The camp has also increased the cadets’ appreciation of the importance of teamwork and leadership. In the end, the cadets enjoyed the whole camp experience.

Through the course of the year, activities like One and Two STAR Kayaking courses, SAR 21 Individual Marksmanship Training and camps have certainly help to foster camaraderie and fellowship among cadets. We hope that these experiences will continue to prepare our cadets with the right values, life skills and attitude that will set them on the path to maximizing their own potential.

“Being part of the National Day Parade 2017 has given me the opportunity to meet new friends and understand the importance of celebrating our Nation's birthday.”

Staff Sergeant Ler Chun Wei (3N1) on his experience as a part of the NDP marching contingent.

Our Mission:
Guangyang NCC's mission is to develop resourceful, responsible, resilient, loyal leaders and team players through fun and challenging military-related activities.

Vision Statement:
The Guangyang National Cadet Corps is a CCA that nurtures responsible, resilient and resourceful cadets to become successful citizens.

Unit Motto:
Strength In Mind

We believe that proper development in one’s mental strength will aid our cadets to overcome challenges in both physical and mental capacities. And hence, in their lives, along with the school value of perseverance, they can strive to achieve success in life

Discipline In Spirit

We believe that discipline is not bounded merely by the conduct of a cadet but in his spirit. With discipline comes better focus, this will aid the cadet to focus on his studies and achieve his goals.

National Cadet Corps Core Values:

  • Loyalty to country
  • Uprightness
  • Leadership
  • Discipline
  • Commitment & Responsibility
  • Care for Fellow Cadets
  • Adventurous Spirit
  • History

Some facts about National Cadet Corps…

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is a co-curricular activity that aims to complement the academic education of our cadets by providing them with appropriate practical training in the discipline and skills of the defence services of Singapore. The training also sought to enhance the physical and mental capabilities of our cadets so as to develop their resourcefulness, resilience, and loyalty to our country.

The NCC Land is divided into districts East, West, and Central. Guangyang Secondary School NCC Land (Boy) is under the Central District.

The four years of the life of an NCC cadet will be an enriching experience that cannot be possibly be gleaned from the pages of any book. The cadets are divided into four parts:

  • Junior Cadets: Secondary One Cadets (Part A)
  • Senior Cadets: Secondary Two Cadets (Part B)
  • Cadet Leader: Secondary Three Cadets (Part C)
  • Senior Cadet Leader: Secondary Four and Five Cadets (Part D/D1)

It is a totally hands-on immersion for every cadet to have and ultimately meet the training objectives of:
Fostering capable, disciplined and dedicated leaders
Nurturing loyal individuals with the adventurous spirit
Developing cadets into physically and mentally strong individuals

Key Activities

Activities are carried out within the compounds of Guangyang Secondary School and through programmes organised by the NCC Headquarter. (Amoy Quee Camp, Yio Chu Kang). These HQ organised activities include familiarisation with the Civil Defence, SANA, Energy Saving courses etc.

Mastering the SAR 21 rifles

All cadets are required to attend train fire lessons which are conducted by instructors from the NCC HQ.

Part A and B cadets are taught the basics of handling the SAR-21. Upon passing the SAR-21 technical handling test, they will be sent for the Individual Marksmanship Training (IMT).

Part C cadets are taught to handle SAF’s standard infantry rifle issue, the SAR-21. They will be sent for the SAR 21 IMT after clearing the technical handing test.&nbnbsp;

Cadets who have achieved marksman and high scores for their IMT will be selected for the highly competitive Annual NCC Shooting Competition, which is held annually in November.

Camps and Courses

Besides attending the compulsory annual school camp, cadets from various parts are expected to attend camps that are organized by the NCC HQ.

Junior cadets are expected to attend Camp FORGE (the acronym for Fun; Friendship, Orientation with Outdoor Adventure, Responsibility and Resilience Building, Grouping of the cadets from different units to emphasize the importance of social cohesion and Experiential Excitement), which are held to welcome new cadets into the NCC family. The main objectives of Camp FORGE are to instill core values and self-discipline as well as to build the character and confidence of our Secondary One NCC Cadets, in order to adequately prepare them for leadership training in the Upper Secondary Level.

Senior cadets are expected to attend Camp STEEL which serves to instill core values and self-discipline as well as to build the character and confidence in our cadets. The camp activities include Leadership and Self-Awareness Workshops, rappelling, paintball, physical fitness training, situational stations, Interactive Navigation, and Orienteering Exercise.

The Cadet Leaders are sent for the Specialists’ Course to further hone their leadership skills in preparation for their eventual phase of leading the unit. Potential cadets who have graduated from the Specialist’s Course will then be selected to attend the Senior Specialists’ Course. Upon graduation, they will be the likely candidates to lead the unit.


Progress Scheme

Upon completion of key programmes and proficiency tests, cadets from the respective parts will be awarded the badges and ranks to recognize their effort for the entire year. Good conduct and regular attendance are essential to ensure a smooth promotion according to a set timeline.

The progress schemes for the various parts are as follows:

Junior cadets promotion:

  • Recruit to Private (first 6 months of training)
  • Private to Lance Corporal (next 6 months )
  • Senior cadets promotion:
  • Lance Corporal to Corporal (Full 12 months)
  • Cadet leader promotion:
  • Corporal to 3rd Sergeant (first 6 months and completion of Specialist Course)
  • 3rd Sergeant to Staff Sergeant (completion of Senior Specialist Course)
  • Senior cadet leader Part D cadet promotion:
  • 3rd Sergeant to 2nd or 1st Sergeant (dependent upon conduct and contributions)
  • Staff Sergeant to Master Sergeant (dependent upon conduct and contributions)

CCA Schedule

Training Day: Every Thursday (unless otherwise stated)

Reporting Time: 2.30 pm

Dismissal Time: 6.15 pm