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Guangyang Secondary School Drama CCA has been running its programmes for the past three years with the aim to make drama approachable and engaging for everyone. We develop students to have an appreciation towards Drama as a creative art form through the acquisition and mastery of dramatic elements, techniques and skills. We are passionate about developing students’ confidence through their performance skills and creativity through drama. Drama imbue sound values in students through development of self-awareness and sensitivity to real-world issues and encourage them to have an open mind and be resilient to face the future challenges.

Drama helps to instill many values in us. When it comes to planning for all the performances, we need to have great teamwork to execute our responsibility efficiently before the deadline. We get to experience backstage life, which is a rare opportunity. Working together and experiencing new things helps to create lasting memories.

(Lin Chaowei, 3E2)

Drama taught us to be more confident in what we do on stage and backstage. We also learn many new things that can be applied in life and create many unforgettable memories with all the drama members.

(Lee Xin Ru, 2N2)

Drama help improve my communication skills and engages me in learning through rehearsals and script writing. Drama has also exposed me to different group of students who have different personality and working styles which make it more interesting and unforgettable.

(Min Yaoxin, 3E3)

Key Activities

Secondary One CCA Fair

Matilda the Musical at Marina Bay Sands Theatres

Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Arts Fiesta

NLB Public Performance

Drama Camp


SYF (Arts Presentation; 2017) Certificate of Participation

SYF (Arts Presentation; 2019) Certificate of Accomplishment

Commendation Day Performance

CCA Schedule

Training Days: Monday & Thursday
Time: 3.00pm to 6.00pm

Teachers’ In-charge

Miss Shariffah Nadhirah

Miss Maizura Zulkiflie