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Being in Symphonic Band is so much more than learning to play an instrument; Our members also learnt to work as a team through regular practices, and along the way become more expressive, disciplined and confident. The band is a close-knit family with a shared passion to touch the lives of audiences and bring about a greater love of music.

The band programme, led by our band conductor Mr Jasen How and assisted by Mr Thomas Chen, seeks to infuse character development and inculcate values amidst its vigorous music training. To hone their instrument and playing skills, members are sent for external workshops so that they can learn from accomplished professionals. Leadership and communication skills are developed through activities such as band camps and leadership workshops.

The Band Alumni is steadily growing in numbers and many of them are continuing their pursuit in band music. With their continued support and presence in our programmes, they contribute to the Band by motivating and teaching the current band members.

Some notable events and programmes for 2019:

  1. Music exchange at Manjusri Secondary School (in preparation to SYF)
  2. Values-in-Action (VIA) at the National Gallery for beneficiaries from National Kidney Foundation under Portraits of the Heart. (Feb)
  3. Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation where the band achieved Certificate of Accomplishment
  4. Concert viewing at the Esplanade in September.
  5. School-based performances – Sec 1 CCA fair, Hong Kong – Singapore Exchange Opening ceremony, National Day Observance ceremony and GLOW.
  6. Performance at the Art Fiesta at Bishan Community Centre.
  7. Annual 3-Day-2-Night Band Camp in November.

CCA Schedule

All members:
Every Monday and Thursday 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm
Note: There may be additional practices during periods of competition and performance.