Applied Learning Programme

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Environmental Science for Sustainable Living

Semester OneSemester Two
Secondary OneLife Science: CSISTEM: Solar Energy
Secondary TwoSTEM: Urban FarmingLife Science: Genetics

The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) in Guangyang Secondary School aims to inculcate critical thinking skills in our students and foster collaborative learning. The authentic learning experience allows our students to find links between book knowledge and real world application. The school ALP consists of four main modules conducted over two lower secondary years. The modules are broadly categorised into STEM modules and life science modules.

In each lower secondary year, students will go through one semester of life science module and one semester of STEM module. For the STEM modules, students learn about solar energy being a form of sustainable energy in secondary one and maximising urban land through vertical farming in secondary two. In the urban farming module, students also learn about electronic systems using the open-source Arduino platform to apply in designing an automated watering system. For the life science modules, students develop their critical thinking through specially designed crime scenes to ‘solve crimes’ in secondary one and learn more about DNA in the genetics module in secondary two.

To inculcate the joy of learning in our students, students translate their learning into a project at the end of the STEM modules. To experience their book knowledge in real life, enrichment programmes are planned alongside the ALP curriculum.


ALP lessons are also conducted in our specially designed ALP and CSI room to provide for a more holistic and enriching learning experience.

For students who wish to explore their interests further, the school will also provide opportunities by sending our students to STEM-related enrichment workshops and programmes.