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Computer Application


Every CPA pupil to be IT-Savvy and primed for post-secondary education/workforce.


To develop pupils to be confident and IT-competent contributors and through meaningful engagement in classrooms and engagement programmes.


  • Every pupil has potential and can achieve when given the necessary support and environment 
  • Every teacher plays a part in the success of the team.

Department Framework

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Our Programmes

It is a compulsory subject taken by all Normal Technical (NT) students from Secondary 1 to Secondary 4.At the lower secondary levels, students will focus on basic ICT skills to support learning of other N(T) subjects and those applicable to daily lives. These skills are then further enhanced at the upper secondary levels where the syllabus focuses on higher-order thinking where the emphasis is on problem-solving and understanding basic programming concepts and skills. Hopefully, the knowledge that they acquire in this subject will enable them to prepare for further studies in Information Technology or media-related courses at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), as well as at their workplace and future learning.

From 2011, students will be taking the new syllabus in the subject.

The following modules are offered:

  • Computer Fundamentals (Computer basics / Computers in everyday life)
  • Document Processing (Use of word processor software)
  • Spreadsheets (Use of spreadsheet software)
  • Media Elements (Use of vector-image drawing software)
  • Multimedia Communication (use of presentation software)
  • Media Computing (use of programming software)

In addition to the above, our school also collaborates with a lot of schools in the exchange of examination papers and resources as part of professional sharing and leveraging on each other’s strengths. Students will work on questions posted by their teachers on the school online portal as an additional practice on top of their homework.

Key Activities

Our department arranges for enrichment programmes for all levels so that learning of CPA comes alive.

These learning journeys also tie in with the school’s unique programme for N(T) students “TGIF – Thank Goodness It’s Friday!”.

1) Sec 1 – Water Conservation @ NEWater Visitor Centre (students learn about factory automation in water operations)

2) Sec 2 – Land Conservation @ URA Gallery (students learn about factory automation in land operations); Media Computing Competition @ Animation Category 

3)Sec 3 – Media Computing Competition @ Game Category 

4) Sec 4 – Intensive revision in preparation for N Level examinations

There are also training sessions for selected pupils to learn Animation / Game Making so that they can help their peers in class as teacher assistants. At the same time, they are exhibiting the school value of Care and Concern. In addition, outstanding pupils’ works are showcased in the classrooms and along the walkways of the computer laboratories and our very own noticeboard.


The Computer Applications department sent in entries to take in the annual Media Computing Competition (both Animation and Game Making category) organised by MOE (CPDD) and in collaboration with ITE.

We are proud to announce the following winners:


Proud winner of the Gold award in the Media Computing Competiton – Muhd Zafran from 2T1

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Proud winner of the Silver award in the Media Computing Competition – Muhd Solihin from 3T1