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Pupils who think Math, do Math, use Math, talk Math and dream Math.


MASTER: To enable students to build a strong foundation necessary for them to further learning.

GROW: To enable students to apply what they learn in Mathematics in everyday life.

GLOW: To enhance students’ appreciation of Mathematics.

Key Activities

  • Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)
  • Peer Tutoring Programme
  • Sec 1 Power-Up Algebra Camp
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students
  • ICAN Support Programme
  • Subject-based Banding

1.    Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)

This is a platform whereby the department aims to test the ingenuity and mathematical problem-solving ability of the students and to discover and encourage mathematical talents. This year, our school has achieved:

·         1 Gold Award

·         1 Silver Award

·         4 Bronze Award

·         1 Honourable Mention


SIM ZHI REN TENZIN from 2E1 who has attained a Bronze award for SASMO and also is an awardee of Honourable Mention in Singapore Mathematical Olympiad.


                    3E1 SONG QIAOYUCHEN who has achieved gold award for SASMO

2.    Australian Mathematics Competition

This year, we have a total of 124 participants who took part in the Australian Mathematics Competition. It serves as a platform to provide our students with an opportunity to take part in an International Mathematics competition while promoting a greater interest in Mathematics.

This year, we are happy to share that our school has achieved:

·         1 Distinction

·         15 Credit

·         97 Certificate of Proficiency

·         8 Certificate of Participation

3.    All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students

To stimulate greater interest and enrich students’ knowledge in Mathematics, as well as to provide an opportunity for Normal Course students to showcase their talent in mathematical knowledge and skills through solving competition questions, four teams of our Normal Stream students took part in the competition. One of the participants, Liu Jiacheng from 4T1, has emerged 10th position in the Upper Secondary NT Category.

4.    ICAN Support Programme

The Mathematics department works with our colleagues from MOE CPDD to raise students’ confidence and improve achievement in numeracy skills. Identified school mentors work closely with CPDD mentors to guide subject teachers in ways to better engage students who require more support in the subject. 

5.    Subject-based Banding (SBB)

To cater to different learning needs of the students, NA/NT students who had performed well in Mathematics are offered the subjects at a higher level starting from Secondary 1 if they meet the SBB criteria. This allows the students to stretch themselves and acquire deeper competencies in Mathematics.