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Mother Tongue


Engaging MTL lessons with inspiring teachers and enthusiastic pupils


We aim to develop pupils’ ability in MTL, cultivate their interest in the learning of own Mother Tongue culture, as well as to have a better understanding of other Mother Tongue cultures through classroom lessons and a wide variety of enrichment activities.

The MTL Department works towards the vision of enhancing teachers’ skills in conducting engaging lessons and to cultivate passionate learners who learn their MTL with enthusiasm. Teachers in the department are committed and work in unison to cultivate pupils’ interest in reading as the foundation for independent lifelong learning. We review our curriculum periodically and aim to employ a variety of methods to better engage our students in.

Key Activities

1. 2018 MTL Fortnight & Cultural Camp

In order to create an immersive environment for the learning of MTL, the school organised a wide range of activities related to MTL and culture.

·         Author-in-Residence Writing workshop

·         Batik Painting Workshop

·         Malay Drama Workshop

·         Malay Motivational Talk

·         Dikir Barat & Malay Dance Workshop

·         Indian Traditional Games Workshop

·         TL Vocab & Listening Skills via Audio Video Clipping

·         Learning Journey to Bollywood Veggie





2. Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme

To expose school students to MTL related cultural performances and programmes by local and foreign arts groups, so as to enthuse them in the learning of the language.

3. ML & TL Immersion Trip to Langkawi


  • To increase students’ cultural awareness and appreciation of the Malay/Tamil Language and Literature
  • To motivate and deepen the interest in learning the Malay/Tamil Language and culture
  • To directly experience the colourful and vibrant scene of the Malaysian culture through theatre performances and visits to historical sites
  • To broaden students’ learning experiences of the Malay/Tamil Language
  • To develop self-reliance, independence and adaptability as well as inculcate team spirit among students