Student Management

Vision and Mission

Vision: Every Student, A Self-Discipline Student.

Mission: To provide a Firm and Caring environment for students to develop holistically.

Guangyang Secondary School adopts a Student-Centric, Values-Driven approach in managing school discipline. By creating a firm and yet caring environment, we aim to nurture a socially confidence and responsible student through Character Development. By instilling the school values, we aim to achieve our students’ outcome of Leader, Thinker & Advocate.

The management of discipline covers three aspects:

i. The developmental aspect of discipline involves instructing, training, engaging, inculcating school values and setting standards of acceptable behaviours.

ii. The preventive measures of discipline focuses on limit setting and the laying down of ground rules and expectations. This is to ensure that pupils are fully aware of the boundaries of what is considered to be acceptable or unacceptable behaviours, and the consequences of breaking the rules.

iii. The corrective segment of discipline involves the use of teaching strategies, self-reflection and intervention procedures to promote acceptable behaviours and change undesirable ones. The aim is to seek cooperation rather than mere compliance in getting misbehaved pupils to bear the consequences of his/her wrong behaviours and work towards preventing further offences.

Key Activities

Keep Singapore Clean

GYSS has always been emphasising on individual responsibility in keeping the school environment clean. As part of the Keep Singapore Clean movement, all students are to clean and tidy up their person spaces in the classrooms daily. Students will also help out in the cleaning of the canteen as well as the corridors. At the end of each term, the school will carry out a whole school cleaning programme known as “Beautify Your School Day”, where all students and staff are involved in the cleaning of the classrooms, special rooms, common areas as well as the perimeter of the school. The cleaning in the community at nearby vicinity will be part of the school’s VIA effort.

Working with Community Partners

GYSS has the opportunity to work with external agencies to organise programmes for our students such as the Project Guiding Light organised by the Bishan-NPC. Officers from the Police and SCDF are also invited to give talks to our students during assembly.