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Principal's Message

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After our jubilant centennial celebrations. last year, Guangyang enters 2019 with a renewed sense of purpose and vigour. Capturing and reflecting upon the Guangyang story was a golden opportunity for us to come together as a community to rediscover the essence of who we are and our mission. Yet, the greatest challenge is not faced during the time spent reminiscing and celebrating but living out our purpose every single day in every interaction between staff and students. Year 1 after our 100th year will be an exciting one, with a century of experience on our side, I believe that everyone on Team Guangyang will be able to face and conquer this and any such challenge head on!

In order to bring about our vision of ”An Engaged Learner Today, A Lifelong Learner tomorrow”, the school will continue to encourage student voice through more dialogue engagement sessions with every cohort, seeking to continually understand and cater to the passions and interests of our students. This will help us better tailor our teaching methods and programmes to motivate and inspire our students to give their best effort when learning.

Our mission helps us achieve our vision for when we are a school where” Learning is an Enjoyable and Sustainable Journey”, the passion for learning by students comes forth and they acquire the habit of learning for life. Indeed, this will become more important as the world of work and life continually evolves deeper into the 21st century we go. I hope that as students own their learning, uncover their strengths and passions and anchor themselves on the school’s 5G values, they will graduate from Guangyang ready for the journey of an exciting life ahead.

The same can be said for our teachers, who are encouraged to continually grow professionally, relentlessly seeking to understand their students, their contexts and acquire new pedagogical content knowledge. This process will help positively transform students’ learning experiences in Guangyang and bring alive each and every lesson.

In 2019, Guangyang seeks to “Excite, Engage and Enrich” and once again place quality teaching and learning at the centre of all we do, working hard to ensure that all learning experiences, be it in the classroom or anywhere else on campus, have a deep, lasting and meaningful impact on our students.

Let’s get ready for an Exciting and Sustainable Learning Journey ahead!

Mr Alvin Lim
Guangyang Secondary School