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Principal's Message 2021

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2020 has indeed been a challenging one for the Guangyang community, yet many have risen to the challenges that emerged. Whether it was the unknown terrain of Full Home-Based Learning or the novel domain of E-CCAs, the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on school life was undeniable but our GYsian staff and students have take away from it many precious lessons that could hardly be learnt under any other circumstance. First, cherishing  and having gratitude for the way of life that we lead and not taking simple joys and freedoms for granted. The restrictions imposed by the April Circuit Breaker brought home this lesson very well. Second, the common humanity that we share with everyone who calls Singapore home. From migrant workers to new citizens and residents who have had roots here for decades, GYsians learnt that the interconnectedness of contemporary society demands that we look out and care for one another as when one part of the community is impacted, we are all affected. Lastly, we learnt the true value of grit and resilience: through face masks and under SMM, our staff and students continued their learning undeterred and soldiered on with the task of learning at hand. If the COVID-19 pandemic is the challenge of a generation, this generation of GYsians has certainly more than risen to the challenge already.   

For 2021, we will continue to face down the challenges posed by the pandemic, but buoyed by a belief that no obstacle is insurmountable if we put our minds and spirits into facing them.The theme for this year will be “Connecting Guangyang” We will be putting our focus on strengthening the relationships between teachers and students so that every GYsian will have trusted adult that they can turn to for guidance. In addition, the introduction of a formal buddy/ peer support programme will further enrich the already convivial school environment among our students. The programme seeks to encourage and build healthy peer relationships so that students will have the skills and awareness to intentionally look out and care for one another throughout the school day.   

Another aspect of Connecting Guangyang is connecting students with their learning. In realising the school’s vision of “Learners for Today, Leaders for Tomorrow”, the school will continue to make the learning process relevant and engaging for all  our students. Whether it is through GYsians realising the real life applications of Science through our ALP, collaborating and communicating with their classmates to put on an actual drama performance for their LLP lessons or learning actual values and life lessons through their CCA sessions, learning will continue to be made meaningful for all our students. Strengthened by a growth mindset and empowered to make their voices heard in a meaningful way, we aim to produce confident graduates with a strong sense of self and a keen responsibility to community and nation. Having GYsians connect well with their learning and their community will surely put them on the road to their own success.   

The road to becoming Leaders, Thinkers and Advocates may be a challenging one but it is also full of meaning and valuable lessons for all. Let’s walk this road as one Guangyang in 2021!

Strong in Principles, Steadfast in Duty
Mr Alvin Lim
Guangyang Secondary School