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School Parking Policy

Dear Parents/Guardians 

Guangyang Secondary School, in line with other MOE schools, will be implementing the School Parking Policy with effect from 1 August 2018 where school staff and non-school staff will need to purchase season parking if they park their vehicle in the school regularly. 

The existing car park lots in the school will be allocated and reserved for season parking holders. 

To meet the needs of parents and visitors seeking ad hoc parking, the school has created 5 dual-use parking lots, demarcated in red with white lines, for parents driving to school to pick up their child or to meet teachers and other school staff. 

The dual-use parking lots are located near the security guard post and they will be extended to parents and visitors for free parking.  

For more information on the School Parking Policy, please refer to the Parents' Letter which has been distributed to your child/ward. Thank you