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Guangyang Secondary School embraces the use of technology as a key enabler to achieve the school’s student outcomes.

In Guangyang Secondary School’s National Digital Learning Programme (NDLP), students will see themselves use their Personal Learning Device (PLD) purposefully to enhance their learning interactions, enabling them to learn actively in independent as well as collaborative settings, both within and outside of their classrooms. Students will also acquire digital literacy in the four components of Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Digital Literacy Framework. Click here for more information about MOE NDLP.

(2021 Secondary One to Three Students)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Please refer to the parent's letter dated 10 May 2021 in Parent's Gateway for the details on the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP) and the purchase of the PLD for your child/ward. If you are not onboard Parent’s Gateway, your child/ward would have received the hard copy of the letter from his/her form teacher. Please take some time to read through it and respond accordingly.

You may also refer to the above embedded video for a briefing on NDLP and the purchase of the PLD. You may download the slides at this link

The school appreciate Parent/Guardian’s response by 17 May 2021 (Monday).

Guangyang Secondary School Choice of PLD:

Under MOE National Digital Literacy Programme, Guangyang Secondary School will be purchasing Chromebook Convertible (Lenovo 500e, 2nd Gen). You may access this link for more details on the Chromebook. 

Device cost $518.90 (with GST) and price includes 3-year insurance & warranty as well as a free stylus. 

Financial Assistance and Funding Support:

1. Singapore Citizen Students

To ensure the affordability of devices, MOE has provided an Edusave top-up  of $200 in 2020 and will provide another Edusave top-up of $200 in May 2021 (as part of the Household Support Package announced in Budget 2021), to all eligible Singaporean students in primary and secondary schools. This is on top of the annual $290 credited into the Edusave account for Secondary School students.

For students on MOE-FAS, subsidies are available even if there is insufficient Edusave balance. The cash out-of-pocket will be $0.  Subsidies will be provided for SC students who need support, particularly those whose Gross Household Income (GHI) is below $4,000 or Per Capita Income (PCI) is below $1,000. For more details on financial assistance, please approach the school.

2. Non-Singapore Citizen Students

Permanent residents (PR) and international students (IS) who need support could apply for subsidies, particularly those whose Gross Household Income (GHI) is below $4000 or Per Capita Income (PCI) is below $1000. For more details, please approach the school.

Should there be any further queries or clarification, please contact the following: 

 Dear Parent and Guardians, click here for FAQ.