Commerce Department Sketchbook

Our Sketchbook


An analytical and resourceful pupil with a sense of professional ethics.


  1. To develop thinking skills through acquiring knowledge and understanding of fundamental concepts and procedures in the context of business aims and activities.
  2. To develop leadership skills with better understanding of the role of accounting as part of the critical information system for decision making.
  3. To enhance pupils’ appreciation for and learning of a life-skill that enables them to be an avocator of lifelong learning.

Key Activities

  1. Sec 3 Inter-Class POA Competition
    To engage students better and instil an element of fun and competition among the classes.
  2. Bishan Park Project
    To provide a platform for students to apply basic accounting knowledge in starting a business (entrepreneurship).
  3. Incorporation of Technology into lessons
    i. Flipped Classroom - To encourage self-directed learning.
    ii. Socrative - To encourage active students participation during lessons and to gather feedback on students learning as well as to provide real-time feedback to students (assessment for learning).
  4. EBS Learning Journey
    To expose students to the real-world context and allow them to experience the application of theories learnt in class.