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Craft and Technology

Chiang Mai Trip 

Day 1: Sa Paper & Umbrella Handicraft Centre

  • I saw how the designs are easily painted onto the umbrellas by professionals who are very experienced. I have to take pride in all the work I do. Our paintings do not have to be extremely detailed or contain many colours to look nice/ realistic. - TEY YING QI, VIVE, 3E3

  • The workers show a lot of patience and neatness in their work and I would try to apply that in my FN coursework.- TIRUNAVUKKARASU VALLIAMMAI, 3E3

  • Materials used to make bamboo umbrellas are water resistant. May consider using the material for my work next year. - HO BING XUAN, 3N1

Day 2: Paddy Field Experience

  • I am grateful I got to experience the paddy field although it was quite challenging.

  • I am grateful for having my mom to prepare my meals. - TAN XIN TING, 3E4

Day 3: Maiiam Contemporary Art Museum

  • The building reflects the scenery and blends into the environment. The museum building is an art form itself!  - TEO SU JING, 3E2

  • This series of artwork is called “A Point” and is my favourite as they used steak to represent a woman, which is widely recognized in gastronomic culture. - CANO CHARISSE ASHLEY VILLAFLOR, 3E3

Day 4: Prostheses Foundation

  • I am grateful for having a healthy body. - TAN XIN TING, 3E4

  • I am grateful for all my limbs and to be able to walk. - TEY YING QI, VIVE, 3E3

Day 5: 3D Art Museum

  • The Art in Paradise trip was memorable as we took many pictures and interacted with the teachers and see their goofy, fun and relaxed versions of them. It was nice seeing them enjoy themselves! - ANGELICA HO, 3N1

Overall Reflections:

  • I am thankful for the cleanliness and safe accommodation we have in Singapore.
  • The trip made me feel independent as it is the first overseas trip I attended without my parents.
  • I am thankful to have experienced Thai culture and all the hard work most of them go through every day.

  • I have learnt to appreciate Aesthetics and look at it in a better, interesting and fun way. Despite not taking the other Aesthetics subjects, I now look at them in a different way. I always thought they were not for me and boring, but now I think otherwise. I am also grateful for the teacher for making this trip possible, and always trying to keep us safe throughout this entire trip. They also made the trip super fun and memorable for us. Words cannot express how grateful and thankful I am! - ANGELICA HO, 3N1

Vision and Mission

  • A critical and creative thinker who also enjoys and appreciate various Art forms.
  • Providing a holistic education in the Aesthetics with authentic and experiential activities.

Key Activities

Nutrition & Food Science (FCE & FN)

For NFS department, we sought to impart our students with nutritional and consumerism knowledge which help them to make informed and responsible decisions. For Oct 2018, our lower secondary students are also challenged to create and produce desserts during the GYSS Masterchef Competition: Pies & Tarts. GYSS MasterChef Competition ignites & engages the interest of students in FCE/ FN in an interesting way. It also promotes the acquisition of values such as initiative, leadership, creativity, & teamwork in students.




Design & Technology:

We sought to develop in our students the dispositions and skills critical in the 21st century. In particular, we continue to develop in our students Critical and Inventive Thinking Skills. CIT Skills is one of the three domains expounded in our framework for 21st century competencies.

Students undertake projects that would exemplify the learning outcomes in the CIT domain. Students deal with the inherent complexities and ambiguities of the real world, and the iterative nature of the design process. They define design needs, analyse and synthesise research information, generate and develop ideas, rationalise their decision making, test and build prototypes to arrive at an outcome as practical and appropriate as possible to the design need. This is as close to the 21st century skill our pupils would need to practise in the future.

Advanced Elective Module @ Singapore Polytechnic

During the June break, a group of twenty students from 3E and 3NA attended the Advanced Elective Module (AEM) at Singapore Polytechnic on “Product Design and Development”.

The objectives of AEM are:
  • understand the Product Design and Development process
  • apply creative thinking skill for idea generation.
  • translate conceptual ideas into clear sketches.
  • present ideas using IT application software and physical model.

This is a project-based module that introduces modern tools of product design and development. The cornerstone activity is a project in which students conceive, design and model a physical product.


Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award

Tey Yong Shen’s (4NT) final year D&T project was shortlisted for the
Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors’ Award.

The Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors' Award has been in existence since 1986 to laude young inventors for their inventions that are original, practical and which can be commercialised.

Tan Kah Kee Young Inventor's Award is jointly organised by the Tan Kah Kee Foundation, the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and the DSO National Laboratories, with the support of Science Centre Singapore.


Science & Technology Challenge (STC)

Every year, hundreds of students from schools all over Singapore pit their skills against each other, in the Science & Technology Challenge (STC) organised by Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), School of Engineering.

Teo Su Jing(3E2) and Jolene Tan Yi Ning(3E3) were given the most innovative team award in the Walk Your Pet Category.

Emelia Chan Karr En(2E4) and Mayne Tan Xin Lin(2E4) emerged as Champions in the Design & Build-a-Bridge Category.


The GYSS Art Department believes that art education should not be limited the four walls of the classroom. The ‘Art Beyond the Classroom’ programme is a yearly effort to expose our students to different art forms through different avenues. Below are just a few of the highlights: Sec 1 Art Enrichment Workshop – Metal Tooling Workshop.

S1 EXALT Art Station - Assemblage Making with Found Objects

Secondary 1 students were introduced to the concept of using ‘found objects’ and Assemblage as an art form. In groups, students used gathered leaves and flowers in the park to create their art pieces.



S3 Masterclass Workshops - Photography & Character Design Illustration

Secondary 3 Art elective students were given the opportunity to identify areas of interest that were not included in the normal art curriculum. Based on their selections, masterclass workshops were created for students to participate in. This year, two main workshops were carried out, Photography and Character Design Illustration.



S3 Art Learning Journey to Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI)

Secondary 3 Art elective students went on a learning journey to STPI. They went on a guided tour to visit the exhibition by Japanese Artist Takashi Murakami, one of the most notable contemporary artists of art today. Students also attended a workshop where they created their own characters in the style of Murakami.


Music dept focuses on getting our lower sec students to appreciate different genres of music; which also include learning of a musical instrument - Ukulele for the Sec 2 Students. Our talented Sec 1T students also build their self-confidence when they showcased their music and rhythm at our School Musical: Shine@Bishan12 with their sec 3 seniors.