Physical Education

Physical Education Department Sketchbook

Our Sketchbook

Vision, Mission and Motto


  • An individual who is inspired to lead an active and healthy lifestyle


  • To equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitude to pursue and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle


  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
Ashton from 2N2 descending from his climb

Key Activities

Through the PE programme, our students will learn a variety of sports and games and be equipped with the knowledge and skills to pursue and enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle. The range of sports which our students will get to learn include Badminton, Basketball, Softball, Football, Netball, Floorball, Frisbee, etc. Besides these, students will also be exposed to Outdoor Education as well as Physical Health and Fitness modules in the PE programme. Activities will include Orienteering, Outdoor Cooking, and Health Education etc.

To provide a holistic development, our students will also go through a variety of enrichment programmes such as the Eco-Adventure camps, Inter-Class Games, Sports Day etc. To further enhance their experience, the PE Department initiated the Experience Sports @ GYSS program where our CCA Coaches ran a free Sports Clinic for all our Sec 1 students. The primary objective is to create a vibrant and sporting culture in the school. This initiative has since become a milestone program for our secondary 1 students.

The PE Department also introduced the Sports Climbing Level 1 Programme for our Secondary 2 students. The primary objective is to build up the values of resilience and perseverance in our students. It also helps to heighten their Outdoor Education experience by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to do rock climbing using the school’s rock wall facility. This will be a key character development program for our secondary 2 students.

Sec 1 400M Race (Sports Day)
Kayak Photo for Sec 3 OBS Camp