Education and Career Guidance (ECG)

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is about nurturing student’s self-awareness, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and values to plan proactively for their future. The school journeys with the students as they work towards their goals and offers up to date information on institutions of higher learning and career options through regular talks, workshops, and career counseling to explore their personalities, interests and work skills. This enables our students to explore viable education options and find meaningful work that aligns to their self-determined goals and aspirations. Once they discover purpose in their work, the motivation for learning comes, which promotes mind-sets with a future orientation.

ECG Key Programmes / Experience

The school designs age-appropriate ECG programmes for students going through the different stages of career awareness, career exploration, and career planning. Foundation to these phases is the development of one’s self-identity. This involves clarification of interests and values, understanding one’s strengths, developing abilities, and formulating life roles in the context of one’s life experiences.

Industrial Attachment

In the curriculum structure at Guangyang secondary school, we provide our secondary three students with the opportunity to relate their academic learning to a suitable work environment.

This experience will facilitate their ability to adapt when joining the workforce in the future.

  • The objectives of the Industrial Attachment are as follows:
  • To broaden students’ vision about the world of work
  • To enhance students’ negotiation and communication skills
  • To develop students’ character and values

Internship Period

The duration of attachment generally ranges between 1-2 weeks during the June and November school vacation period.

Supervision and Assessment of Student’s Performance at Work

During the duration of the work experience, our partnering organisations will assign a supervisor to be responsible for the students in terms of work assignment, guidance as well as to assess the performance of the students.

The organisation supervisor will provide feedback on the student’s performance to the student’s assigned teacher-in-charge of the industrial work experience programme during his/her visit to the organisation. The supervisor will also complete an evaluation form to assess the performance of the student.

Certificate of Accomplishment

Students who successfully complete the Industrial work experience will be awarded a certificate of accomplishment signed by the principal of Guangyang secondary school and the organisation’s authorized representative.

Education Pathways

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Explore the different admissions exercises and programmes available to help you gain entry into a junior college, Millennia Institute, polytechnic or ITE.

For O level students

Admission Exercises for O level students

DSADirect School Admission
Poly EAEPoly Early Admission Exercise
ITE EAEITE Early Admission Exercise
JAEJoint Admission Exercise
JIEJoint Intake Exercise

JAE/JIE O Booklets :

JAE 2022 Information Booklet for O level students seeking admission to JC / MI / Polytechnic & ITE

JIE O 2021 Information Booklet for O level students seeking admission to ITE

For N level students

Admission Exercises for N(T) and N(A) Students

ITE EAEITE Early Admission Exercise
JIEJoint Intake Exercise
DPPDirect Entry to Polytechnic Programme  
PFPPolytechnic Foundation Programme
NFPNAFA Foundation Programme

JIE N Booklet

2022 Admission Booklet for N level students seeking admission to Full Time & Traineeship Courses at ITE

My Skills Future Student Portal

What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Choosing ones education or career path is one of the most important yet difficult decisions to make. Students need to be able to make well-informed choices by talking to their parents, teachers and school counsellor about their education and career aspirations. They can also explore and gather information via the MOE Education and Career Guidance e-portal at

Mondays and Wednesdays with Mr. Colin Tan, ECG Counsellor
Our ECG Counsellor is stationed at the school library every Mondays and Wednesdays to provide support to students (individually or in small groups) to help you make informed decisions on post-secondary education and career options. Parents or Students who would like to explore more about subject choices, enquire about post-secondary education options or find out more about your career interests, strengths and passions. An appointment can be made here at

ECG Resources
Please refer to for more ECG resources such as upcoming events, EAE / Career Resources, Scholarship Opportunities for Secondary Students