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The Girls’ Brigade Singapore (GBS) is an international uniformed youth organization for girls, recognized by Ministry of Education of Singapore as a Co-Curricular Activity in schools. We believe in developing our girls to their fullest potential as leaders.

It is through our Educational, Physical, Social and Values programmes that the girls develop practical skills and interact with the community. The girls are empowered to lead, learn and grow, and most importantly, to give back to society with a caring heart.

Guangyang Secondary School’s Girls’ Brigade Company is known as the 6th Company and is one of the earliest companies to have been established in Singapore. Girls will work for badges in subjects such as Healthy Attitudes, Brigade Knowledge, Responsibility in the Home, Community and many others.

We have had a lot of great events this year, but the most memorable for me was the National Low Guat Tin Challenge 2019. This challenge required us to identify an issue and solve it through coding and creating a physical prototype using our knowledge of Amazon Web Services. Our Girls’ Brigade teachers guided us through the competition and we were able to claim Silver! This competition would not have gone so smoothly without the help and assurance from our teachers.

Personally, I feel that all the events and badge work in the Girls’ Brigade provides us with different learning opportunities. The different experiences has helped me build my confidence as well as help me reflect and hone the way I communicate and lead others. I am really glad that I have chosen the Girls’ Brigade as my CCA!

Ong Xin Hui, 3E1 (Chairperson 2019-2020)



The mission of The Girls’ Brigade Singapore is:

To develop each girl and officer to her fullest potential by equipping, empowering and enabling

  • Every Girl to be a Leader
  • Every Officer a Servant Leader

Key Activities

Activities (National Level)

  • Leadership Conference
  • National Day Parade
  • Awards Ceremony
  • GB Friendship Day
  • National Drill Competition
  • National Low Guat Tin Challenge
  • Centralized Drill Test

Activities (Company Level)

  • CCA Orientation
  • Sec 1 Welcome (e.g. trip to Sentosa)
  • GB Fortnight Collection
  • Company Annual Camp
  • Company Enrolment Service
  • Company Drill Camp
  • Company Outings (e.g. bowling, ice-skating)

CCA Achievements

Gold Company Award (2015 – 2018)

National Loh Guat Tin Challenge 2019 – Silver & Bronze

Four-fold Programme – Badgework Activities

Our four-fold programme is carried out through various fun activities, which the girls earn badges for when they complete them. Some examples of the activities:

Physical – the girls develop physical skills such as Basic and Creative drill, Abseiling, Rock-climbing, In-line skating, bowling and tent-pitching.

Educational – the girls have the opportunity to cultivate meaningful pursuits and acquire knowledge and skills such as playing a musical instrument, learning to cook, first aid skills and orienteering.

Social – the girls learn to understand themselves in relation to others through anti-bullying courses and through serving community partners like the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Singapore (MDAS).

Values – the girls learn and inculcate sound values that will anchor them in their relationship with others and their responses to issues that confront them.


*ATTENDANCE is crucial to the earning of badges and meeting the promotion criteria.
13 –14Senior – The senior programme consists of 6 badges, which need to be completed in order for the girl to start on the pioneer programme.
15 – 18Pioneer – The pioneer programme consists of 7 badges.
17 –19SPARKS – The SPARKS program is catered for girls who want to serve and hone leadership skills after graduation. Each series of activities and tasks will lead to their promotion to Warrant Officer. Girls from different companies gather once a month for trainings, outings, planning, projects or workshops that define the core concepts of SPARKS.

CCA Schedule

CCA Training Day: Every Thursday

CCA Timing: 3PM to 6.30PM

Advisor/ Officer

  • Ms Chow Yuen Peng
  • Vaithiswari Niveytha D/O Ramu

The activities included in our weekly programme would be music sessions, games, foot drills and badge-work sessions.

*Please note that there are national events and activities that fall on Saturdays. Students will be given a schedule upon joining the CCA.