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Red Cross Youth integrates character-building, leadership, essential life-saving skills and blood donation knowledge, local community service and overseas humanitarian projects in its curriculum, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity as a core focus.

It brings out the best of our Cadets and to prepare them for leadership in their families and communities. At the community level, Red Cross Youth Club provides a sustainable platform for our youth to continue volunteering to serve the vulnerable in their communities.

Red Cross Youth strives to instill the Red Cross Youth spirit and strengthen core values such as compassion, passion, and professionalism in all members.

By participating in providing Singapore Red Cross humanitarian services, Red Cross Youths are groomed to become good citizens with strong senses of civic responsibility. They are trained to be adaptable, resilient and confident team players.

CCA Schedule
Every Thursday, 3-6 pm

  • Students are required to attend activities and competitions organised by Red Cross HeadQuarters on certain weekends

CCA Teachers-In-Charge

Ms Grace Teo

Ms S Sasirega

Ms Cindy Tan

Ms Shanqi

Key Activities

Red Cross Youth organises a variety of programmes and activities every year to nurture compassionate leaders for humanity. Youths develop unique abilities and qualities to inspire and influence positive change in others by their own actions.

First Aid Competition

The National First Aid Competition is an annual competition which seeks to raise awareness and importance of first aid in cadets.This platform allows cadets get to show off their first aid skills.


Youth Ambassadors’ Blood Programme

Established in March 2010, the Youth Ambassador’s Blood Programme (YABP) empowers youth to champion the life-saving cause of blood donation by providing them with opportunities to advocate blood donation to their friends, family, and community, and the skills to plan, organise and implement blood donation drives and roadshows.

Level / BadgesRed Cross KnowledgeDisaster ManagementFirst AidYouth Ambassador Blood ProgrammeFoot DrillsService LearningYouth LeadershipTotal Defence + National Heritage
Sec 1 Bronze BronzeBronze Bronze (I) - - Bronze
Sec 2 Silver Silver Silver Silver (II) Bronze Bronze
Sec 3 Gold (HQ) Gold (HQ) Gold (HQ) Gold (HQ)
Silver Silver
Sec 4 Gold (HQ) Gold (HQ)Gold (HQ) Gold (VI)
Gold (VI) Gold (HQ)

Red Cross Headquarters events:

  1. World Red Cross Day
  2. First Aid Championships (Junior) & (Senior)
  3. Red Cross Flag Day
  4. Unit Specialist Programme (USP)
  5. Warrant Officer Programme (WOP)
  6. FLARE Conference (Sec 4)
  7. Trailblazer Competition
  8. Disaster Risk Reduction Championship
  9. Ambassadors of Blood Donation Competition
  10. Zonal Leadership Workshop

Our Achievements:


Ambassador Blood Donation Competition - Bronze & Silver

Disaster Risk Reduction Championships - Silver

First Aid Competition (Junior team) - Bronze


Excellent Unit Award - Gold

First Aid Competition (Senior team) - Bronze


Excellent Unit Award (Bronze)

District First Aid Fiesta Competition (Bronze)


Excellent Unit Award (Silver)