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Vision and Mission

  • A critical and creative thinker who also enjoys and appreciate various Art forms.
  • Providing a holistic education in the Aesthetics with authentic and experiential activities.

Key Activities

Nutrition & Food Science (FCE & FN)

For NFS department, we sought to impart our students with nutritional and consumerism knowledge which help them to make informed and responsible decisions. For Oct 2018, our lower secondary students are also challenged to create and produce desserts during the GYSS Masterchef Competition: Pies & Tarts. GYSS MasterChef Competition ignites & engages the interest of students in FCE/ FN in an interesting way. It also promotes the acquisition of values such as initiative, leadership, creativity, & teamwork in students. 


Group photo of all finalists for the GYSS MasterChef Competition on 23 Oct 2018


Champion Tart: Lemon Meringue Pie (from 2E1/ 2018: Nico Teo & Vive Tey)


Design & Technology:

We sought to develop in our students the dispositions and skills critical in the 21st century. In particular, we continue to develop in our students Critical and Inventive Thinking Skills. CIT Skills is one of the three domains expounded in our framework for 21st century competencies.

Students undertake projects that would exemplify the learning outcomes in the CIT domain. Students deal with the inherent complexities and ambiguities of the real world, and the iterative nature of the design process. They define design needs, analyse and synthesise research information, generate and develop ideas, rationalise their decision making, test and build prototypes to arrive at an outcome as practical and appropriate as possible to the design need. This is as close to the 21st century skill our pupils would need to practise in the future.

Advanced Elective Module (Product Design and Development) for Sec 3ENA DT students at Singapore Polytechnic during the Sept School Holidays. A group of twenty students from 3E and 3NA attended the Advanced Elective Module (AEM) at Singapore Polytechnic on “Product Design and Development”.

The objectives of AEM are:

      understand the Product Design and Development process

      apply creative thinking skill for idea generation.

      translate conceptual ideas into clear sketches.

      present ideas using IT application software and physical model.

This is a project-based module that introduces modern tools of product design and development. The cornerstone activity is a project in which students conceive, design and model a physical product.



The GYSS Art Department believes that art education should not be limited to the four walls of the classroom. The Art Beyond the Classroom programme will be a yearly effort to exposure our students to different art forms and in different venues:

Sec 1 Art Enrichment Workshop – Metal Tooling Workshop

As part of WEALTH Week, the Secondary 1 students learnt about metal tooling and created a relief design based on the theme of the school’s 100th year anniversary celebrations. They learnt how to incorporate patterns and rhythmic lines through embossing their designs onto a copper plate.


Sec 3 Art Learning Journey – Art Trail “Walk with Art”

The Sec 3 Art students embarked on an art trail from LASALLE College of the Arts to Overjoyed (an art store). Students got to see an exhibition, learnt possibilities and opportunities they may have in the art industry and increased their knowledge for different art materials. Students also had a hands-on experience with resin pour at the art store.


Sec 4 Art Learning Journey to National Gallery Singapore

The Sec 4 Art students visited the exhibition Colours of Impressionism. Students were viewed the masterpieces from the renowned collection of the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.  It includes key works by Money, Renior, Manet, Pissarro and Cézanne. From Manet’s Spanish-influenced paintings, to the green and blue landscapes of Cézanne and Monet, to the soft pink of Renoir’s classical figures.



Music dept focuses on getting our lower sec students to appreciate different genres of music; which also include learning of a musical instrument - Ukulele for the Sec 2 Students. Our talented Sec 1T students also build their self-confidence when they showcased their music and rhythm at our School Musical: Shine@Bishan12 on 26 Oct 2018 with their sec 3 seniors.