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Aesthetics Education

The Aesthetics Education Committee aims to create and sustain a vibrant arts culture in GYSS that engages both students and staff. Recognising the benefits that learning and practising the Arts bring to us, the committee plans and organises activities that make the Arts come alive for every individual

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Goals of the Aesthetics Education Committee

To provide every pupil in their 4/5 years in Guangyang Secondary School with…

  • the exposure to various Art forms (Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts)
  • the experience of learning to play a musical instrument and learning to dance
  • various opportunities to perform and showcase their creativity and talents in the different Artforms


The 3E Approach

(1)  Expose

Providing opportunities for all to discover and appreciate the Arts

(2)  Experience

Learning the Arts through hands-on sessions and enrichment programmes

(3)  Excel

Offering various platforms for student talents to perform and excel in the Arts

National Arts Education Award (NAEA) – Spark

The National Arts Education Award (NAEA) is a national arts award conferred by the National Arts Council to encourage schools to provide holistic arts education for all students and to recognise schools with good arts practices and programmes.

Guangyang Secondary School has been conferred with the Spark Award for taking proactive steps to build a vibrant arts culture in the school and for developing clear structures and programmes for arts education. Congratulations!

Key Activities

Arts Fiesta

arts fiesta.jpg

Arts Fiesta, an evening of music, dance and art, is held in our Bishan community every two years. It features our students from various performing arts groups or in their form classes showcasing their creativity and talents. Arts Fiesta also partners with local artistes, the arts community and our community partners to bring about a vibrant arts scene.

Level-wide Aesthetics Programme

Art, dance and music workshops are conducted for our lower secondary students such that they are exposed to different art forms. Workshops include ukulele, drama in literature, metal sculpting and boom whackers etc.

Guangyang Got Talent

This is an annual talent competition which provides the stage for our students to release their talents. Results of the competition are decided by both the audience through voting and judges.

Arts Learning Journey

This is an effective channel for our students to be informed of other post-secondary school options on the performing arts. It also allows them to find out more about the courses available in LaSalle College of the Arts.

Students are also taken on a guided tour of the Esplanade whereby students will be able to learn more about the centre and its programmes. Students have a deeper insight into its operations, the various acoustic and architectural features of the performance venues and exhibition spaces.

Arts Discovery Sessions

arts discovery drawing.jpg

Teachers use these sessions to share their passion and enthusiasm for the aesthetics and engage students through small group activities, short talks and performances. Do watch out for these talks and join us!