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Student Leadership Programme

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Vision and Mission

Vision: Every GYSS student is a confident, self-directed leader who strives for excellence

Mission: Leadership opportunity for all

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Leadership Framework and Key Activities

The student leadership framework of GYSS is based on the 5Gs vision. The 5Gs are the essential life skills of a citizen for a successful, sustainable and future ready nation. Leadership opportunities are facilitated through the four key student leadership groups, namely, the Prefectorial Board, Class Management Committee (CMC), CCA Leaders and the Green Ambassadors. Apart from the Level-wide Leadership training workshops, students will have the opportunities to attend the 5G Student Leadership Camp and the Outward Bound School adventure programmes. Students are also able to hone their leadership skills and enhance their learning experience through Student Initiated Projects (SIP). Through SIP, students will get to plan and execute their projects either in the school or out at the community.

Focus of leadership training

Secondary 1 - Self-leadership

Secondary 2 - Collaboration and team-building

Secondary 3 - Inspiring the team towards a common vision

Secondary 4 - Mentor-ship of junior student leaders

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Level-wide Student Leadership Workshop & 5G Camp
Every student in GYSS will have to undergo a compulsory leadership workshop conducted in March. The level-wide leadership training provides opportunities for the pupils to discover their individual potential, learn the essential skills of working as a team as well as to develop a strong sense of belonging that motivate others to give back to the society.   

 Selected student leaders will further hone their leadership skills during our 5G Camp in June. During the camp, besides learning the necessary leadership skills, participants will work as a team to formulate ideas that can enhance the school experience for students as well as to improve the environment in the community.   

Head Prefect Election   

Each year in July, GYSS will hold the Head Prefect Election. Through this process, students are able to select the student leaders that can best represent them in school. During Nomination Day, the Prefectorial Board will select three candidates to run for the Head Prefect Election. These candidates will start off their campaigning by setting up webpages and giving speeches to the student body during assembly. A forum will be held closer to the Election Day for students to clarify issues with the candidates before they cast their vote on Polling Day. The Head Prefect election is organised by the Class Management Committee (CMC) to ensure the transparency in the whole election process.

Other Activities

Student Leaders will assist the teachers in organizing school events such as the Teachers’ Day Celebration, Chinese New Year Concert, Student Leader Investiture, CCA Recognition Day, Barter Trade and Sec 1 Orientation Camp.   Since 2016, selected Secondary 3 Student Leaders will take part in the Joint Residential Leadership Programme (JRLP) hosted by Raffles Institution where students will get a chance to stay in a school hostel. They will also participate in the leadership programmes organised by the boarding school.

Secondary 1


Secondary 2

Team Leadership

Secondary 3

Service Leadership

Secondary 4 &5

Service Leadership