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Student Leadership Programme


Vision and Mission

Vision: Principled, thinking leaders

Mission: To nurture leaders who are grounded upon strong moral principles, reflective and advocates.


Leadership Framework and Key Activities

The student leadership framework of GYSS is based upon the school’s values of Respect, Grit, Integrity, Responsibility and Care. The school aims to nurture GYSS students to become leaders who are grounded upon strong moral principles, reflective and advocates.

In Sec 1 and 2, all students go through the level-wide student leadership workshops and build on their self-leadership skills. While gaining more awareness and reflecting about their weaknesses and strengths, they learn more about each of the school’s values and how to apply them in real life.

Depending on each student’s interest and ability, there are different pathways to further develop their leadership skills- the Prefectorial Board, Class Management Committee (CMC), CCA Leaders and the NYAA Silver Award. Through camps and workshops, selected student leaders will be given training on communication skills, project management and public speaking. Through leading their class, CCA or the school with the guidance of their teachers, the student leaders will put into practice what they have learned and further hone their leadership skills. 

Student Leadership Development


Prefectorial Board

Maintaining school discipline, strengthening of school culture and spirit.

Class Management Committee

Maintaining class discipline, building of class spirit.

CCA Leaders

Strengthening CCA’s culture and excellence.

NYAA Silver

Self-leadership skills through the areas of Service Learning, Outdoor Appreciation and Healthy Living.